Quality Life


         • Extensible plan for quality inspection 

         • Extensible quality inspection items, quality inspction standard,

            sampling method,Numerical Methods 

         • Message active trigger for quality inspection 

         • Quality statistical analysis 

         • Special module to raw cotton inspection 

         • Special module to coarse roving inspection 

         • Special module to yarn inspection 

         • Special module to compound yarn 

         • Greige fabric inspection module 

         • Finished fabric inspection module 

         • Random inspection management

         • Physical test management

         • Acquisition system of random inspection by movable terminal 

         • Distributed quality statistics system 

         • Evaluation of single greige fabric which suitable to dyeing , finishing, and hand-feel  

         • Quality survey report review 

         • Quality complain management

         • Quality tracing & feedback management 

         • Quality feedback and Technic optimization management based on massive data analysis