Fabric design module




Design every type of dobby fabrics for all your markets 

Design module is the main part of software. Various types of dobby fabrics can be designed to meet the needs of different markets.

The creative team in the core of your business: 

designer can enjoy numerous creative solutions by mouse or keyboard. There is large weaves datas with the software, the designer can select a wide range of weaves from a library or create a new one. All technical data can be modified (automatically or by hand): reed, drafting, second beam, miss dent...

◆ Sales enhancement

Customizable commercial and technical data printout: 

print or export (PDF, JPEG, bitmap…) directly your own customized production and commercial file-cards ....each of them adapted to all your departments, partners, markets and brands…

Direct exportation to the mapping software YX DRESS Platinium: test and promote your creation

Slide-show module for presentation: send or put on CD Rom a slide show of your products to promote your collection to customers, agents, sales team or for exhibition.

Export catalogues: the complete fabrics collection or selected fabrics

◆ Production control

Customizable technical data printout : print or export directly your own customized production file-cards ....each of them adapted to all your departments to avoid production mistakes.

Export to various dobbies and looms (Staubli, Sulzer, Vamatex, Somet, Dornier, Picanol...).

Automatic calculation of the final composition, weight and price of your fabrics

Standard ERP exportation for direct use with management software.

Cost-saving & efficiency improvement

Reduce sampling costs significantly: with the help of 3D simulation function, you can make effective adjustments for creation, collection and colorways of your new fabric before sampling, improve the choice of color design, ensure the feasibility of design and color combination, and speed up the entire product development process.

 Improve your reactivity and customer loyalty 

Create and simulate in few minutes customers specific demand and send it to him for  validation before sampling. Check and improve cost price offers.

Functions and features

Color calibration, color libraries and calibrated yarns creation

·  Create for the new collection your own libraries of calibrated colours

·  Automatic calibrated (size-colour) yarns creation (blend, mélangé, space dye, slub…) with many settings . Scan and prepare fancy yarns like bouclettes, loop…

·  New breakthrough world print color conformity management (paper, textile printers, screens)

 Design creation - Weave creation

·  The most sophisticated technical design tools. Fabric scanning system

Pegplan creation

   Weave database with the possibility to create new ones and to sort them.

   3D internal construction to analyze in 3D the yarn crosses in a weave

Technical parameters

·  Fast and easy modification of all settings (density, yarn type, reed, regulator) and instantaneous switching from simulation to change technical parameter settings.

·  Different weft density management. Multi-beams settings (and calculation)

·  Lots of functions for easy drafting creation. Variable Reeds and stop motion management. Miss-dent management.

Fabric simulation

·  True-to-life simulation with full integration of all the yarns and technical parameters.

·  True 3-D two-side viewing at the same time for fast checking.

·  Management of several finishing effects: seersucker, brushed, stonewashed,…

·  And also: Multi-layer simulations, Beating-in and overstitch management, Production of piqué or mosquito-net effects with yarns of different metric sizes, Automatic generation of raised surfaces  even for plain or pseudo-plain fabrics…

Commercial and production utilities

·  Multi-document interface (design, drawdown, colorways, simulation) with easy change and instantaneous update for all related sections.

·  Customized technical and commercial files cards with multiple export (PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG…) or picture exportation to all the current standard formats.

·  Automatic slide-show creator and creation of self-running presentations

·  Standard exportation for easy connection with ERP systems or others…

·  Automatic fabrics calculation of the final consumption, weight, price…


·  Data exportation to most dobby looms for immediate production (Staubli, Picanol, Dornier, Sulzer, Vamatex, Somet...)

·  Management of Staubli 100,110, 200 Drawing-in Machines, ELM Vega KL and SuperVega Drawing-in Machine…weft blending for better weaving quality.

Direct CAD access to the CAD data and fabrics simulation

·  Fasten secure CAD CAM information sharing with all your partners

Customers Benefits

·  Improve your efficiency, turnover and profit growth: your technical and creative team at the core of your business for market prices and profit margin optimization, close customer relationships thanks to perfect simulation.

·  Make huge savings on sampling thanks to perfect rendering and colour conformity of the simulations.

·  Enhance designers' creativity and skills  for more creative fashion fabrics & collections

·  Provide better answers (technical, design …) to customers' demands

·  Improve customer loyalty thanks to better pro-activity and reactivity: become the essential partner of your customer.

·  Find new opportunities for sales promotion and brand image improvement.

·  Enjoy software support and service quality, our aim is to provide the best service quality because you are not only our customer, but partner for the future.